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Thank you for stopping by our digital playground were you'll find practices to bring the astrology to life and by harnessing the cosmic energies and living your best life.

This website was only ever built as a temporary home to access our teachers and the practices they offer. As we are getting closer to launching the new website, we have decided to simplify this page.

You'll find Jana Roemer's Astro Nidras which she created after realizing that blending her two loves, Astrology and Yoga Nidra, provided a potent landscape for self realization.

You can still practice with our teachers, however, rather than live zoom classes, you can access 
their complete library of classes for $11/month.


Once we launch, everything will be different again, so stay tuned for membership options. We have been working hard behind the scenes to get us here and are so excited that the day is near! 


astrology. astro nidra™. new moon circles. inquiry. prayer. dream work. nutrition. reiki. yoga. work outs. meditation. journaling.

and so much more.

this is a safe place to gather online where your community of guides are here to connect you to your inner, intuitive voice to build spiritual depth, keep your mind healthy & strengthen your trust in your ability to navigate these wildly unknown times.

we look to the luminaries of our solar system as our guides & translate their wisdom into embodied practices. 

as we ramp up, you'll find an array of reasons to gather, learn, play, heal, create, connect & rise above these circumstances.

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