Meet Julien Elizabeth

"I am moved by the innate nature we have to heal and grow and access our wholeness. I share what works for me and what I know I can offer authentically and wholeheartedly. Just like you, I am in continuous evolution."  

As a teacher, astrologer and writer, Julien is deeply inspired by the study of consciousness, nature's cycles and the body's ability to heal itself through trauma and the challenges of life. Her offerings derive from several traditions of yoga, astrology and eastern medicine with an emphasis on strengthening your connection to the natural, intuitive world. Believing we do the best we can with the resources and perspectives we have, she is motivated to create more pathways and tools for self-healing and expanded consciousness. Her presence is often described as grounding, calming and insightful. Through it all, she shares excitement and inspiration on how to live an authentic life that reveres gratitude, compassion and honesty.

Julien is the voice behind the ATTM newsletter and the mastermind behind the Instagram page.

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