Meet Mark Roemer

Mark Wilde Roemer is one of a kind. 


He found community among Deadheads, Burners and artists. The friends he met in these communities saw something in him that allowed him to live a little more wild and free than previously expressed.

And while he wasn't a stranger to conscious communities, meditation, sacred plant medicine or healing centers - it wasn't until his first son, Freddie Wilde showed up on the scene that he started to recognize his gifts as a healer.

His wife, Jana, taught Freddie from a very young age that he could heal himself rather than looking outside of himself to heal. One day, Mark was feeling quite ill and an 18 month old Freddie came over, hovered his hands over his belly for a moment, then jumped into his arms for a snuggle and said: Dada. Feel better?

And he did! 

In that moment, Mark decided he was going to take his Reiki training to better understand what his one year old son just did.

And that's where this journey began.

Now Mark creates community through Reiki Circles, sharing this gift of service with so many who need a little more light, love and healing  in these strange times we find ourselves in. All are welcome to join this growing community to receive benevolent transformational healing energy. 

These Reiki Circles run on donations. If you found benefit in your session, please consider placing a donation into Mark's donation jar.

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