Capricorn Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse Circle: 


with Sasha Bahador

  Monday, July 6th

  5pm PST

Investment: $20.20

 If you are not in a position to pay at the moment, please use the code LUNARLOVE for 50% off or RADICAL for 100% off. Exercise integrity when utilizing the discount codes as this beautiful offering is Sasha's livelihood.

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Downloadable Astro Nidras

While the Sun is in Cancer, the primary practices are the Cancer Astro Nidras™. They can be practiced again and again through the Cancer Sun Season.


The secondary practice follows the moon, which changes signs every two and a

half-ish days. Dig into your Astro Nidra™ archives and practice with the moon.


The Cancer Astro Nidras™ are:

2020 The Seeds      |     2019 Mama Bear        | 2020 Mercury Rx  (by Julien)


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Somatic Spirals






Lunar Flow

+ Astro Nidra



Mythological Hypnosis








* all times in PST*

Weekly Scheduled Live Classes 

Monday Classes


8:30 - 9:30 am PST - Katonah Yoga with Kat Villain

Katonah yoga utilizes sacred geometry and Taoism to reform the structure of the body to liberate the conditioning of the mind. These practices embody archetypal form using the fits of the body which ensures optimal organ functioning. It is a skill to learn how to live in joy in the body and these tools are paramount.

6 - 7pm PST - Somatic Spirals with Michelle Nayeli Bouvier

Renew and replenish though soulful ground-based practice. Investigate patterns of Nature and flow ~ spirals, waves, coiling and uncoiling through the body and breath. Yogic presence guides our study of fluid alignment within rolling, seated, and quadruped pathways that are chosen to cultivate healthy movement patterns that will support all the movements of life. This practice is juicy and rejuvenating for ALL levels and experience, and ends with deep relaxation

Tuesday Classes


We currently have no Tuesday classes at this time, but new things are coming! 


Wednesday Classes

8:30 - 9:15 am PST - "Unwind the Spine" Pranayama with Kat Villain

Pranayama is a way to flush and filter the residues of your body. These practices strengthen your lungs while centering the mind. It also opens up the spinal column enabling a clear connection between primitive and intellect. It enables you to take guidance from your intuition instead of the impressions and programming of the mind.


6 - 7:15pm PST - Embodied Astrology - Lunar Flow + Astro Nidra™

with Julien Elizabeth

Astrology, like life, is based on polarity. It is the yin and the yang together that make us whole - we are not either or, but both, and. This 75-minute practice is slow, deep and restorative to balance the yang of waking life. Expect a curated exploration of the stars through body, mind and spirit using restorative yoga and yoga nidra. Our time includes gentle movement, long-held poses, balancing breathwork and a Astro Nidra practice, all based on the current astrology.

Thursday Classes

6 - 7 pm - Mythological Hypnosis w/ Nadia Diamanté 

A guided hypnosis journey into the gods, goddesses and how to apply their stories and learnings into your life.


Friday Classes


*CANCELED TODAY** 9:30 - 10:30 am PST - The World of Dreaming with Sasha Bahador

Dreams are the language of the soul. 
Dreaming is fundamentally about waking up to a deeper reality. 

Since ancient times, people have looked to their nighttime dreams for wisdom & healing.

In Dream work we explore the symbols & feelings presented, so rather than general interpretation, the dreamer extracts personal meaning. 

Through the setting of clear intention & consistent placement of attention, anyone can become awake to the powerful guidance invoked in the world of dreams. 

Each week we will explore different aspects together as a dreaming community. 

Saturday Classes


8:30 - 9:30 am - Prenatal Yoga with Kat Villain

The initiation into motherhood is the most magical yet demanding period in a woman’s life. This class is to empower and inspire you to take this whole journey into your own hands through your innate womb wisdom. Through movement, imagery, and the inner workings of your body, these practices enable you to open and remain focused in labor, and give you tools to use after you are birthed as a mother. Flourishing and supported mothers are the foundation of a healthy society and thriving world, and that it is more important now than ever to revitalize our motherhood practices.

Sunday Classes


6 - 7:30 pm PST - Sunday Sanctuary - Astro Flow + Nidra w/ Jana Roemer

This class starts with an astrology update. The movement is themed based off today’s astrology, utilizing the elements, philosophy or any conscious practices that support harnessing to energies available to us. The movement primarily includes yoga, but could also include pranayama, meditation, core work, shaking, etc. for 60 min


The Astro Nidra™ that follows (30 min) is also themed on the current astrology in Jana’s signature style.

You could potentially show up at 7pm and join for the Astro Nidra™ without the asana, but it's always best to be there for the full experience.

A Walk with the Moon - an astro course

One Lunar Cycle with Jana Roemer

Let’s take a walk with the moon around the zodiac. 


The Planets + Stars are a map to the Collective Unconscious. A Guide Book. All we have to do is look up and allow them to guide our inner exploration. The moon is like a narrator, telling us the story of the stars. 


She is our great guide and I want to teach you how to listen to her and be in right relationship with her.  When we honour her with our attention, her promise to us is that we will live with more awareness, greater purpose and with a more empowered approach to life.


© 2020 Attune to the Moon™


2020 Cancer Astro Nidra: The Seed

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