Libra New Moon Circle

with Jana Roemer

Thursday, Oct 15th, 2020
11am PST

Shape-shifting, releasing, morphing adaptability as the outer landscape is transforming at a rapid pace. This is an intense new moon with a high chance of conflict. Expect competition, innovation and rebirth. Let it strengthen your relationships. Your relationship with relationships. Your relationship with ourself in relationships. Let it transform how you navigate not only relationships with other humans, but with the earth, food, belongings, animals, the elements and most of all, Spirit. If there is one relationship we need to nurture, it's our relationship with Spirit, the Great Mystery. Let it lead the way, you'll never be lead astray.

Attend this live or by enjoying the replay on your own timing later. 

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These moon circles are $20.20

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Mars Retrograde: Aries Journey 

harnessing the power of Mars to find your true will, purpose & power


w/ Sasha Bahador, Jana Roemer, Nadia Diamanté, Julien Elizabeth, Satu Tuomela, Kimberly Johnson + more 

September 9th - November - 15th, 2020 

Investment: $188 

Doors Close October 5th

We track the path of Mars' retrograde through Aries.

Part I - Mars retrograde through Virgo season

Part II - Mars retrograde through Libra season

Part III - Mars retrograde through Scorpio season

Anchored in astrology, somatic movement, yoga nidra and inquiry, this is a series of teachings and community to activate your true will and set in motion your plan to thrive through the modern battles of the times.

This journey is a review into the Mars that lives within; a study of impulse, survival, anger, sexuality, courage, and the action we must take to live powerfully in truth and dharma. 

Throughout, we are asked to look before we leap to see more clearly how we can manage ourselves in the ever changing theater of our lives. Through dynamic teachings we carve out a territory of authentic reflection so that you can use the power of Mars to live more from a place of honest depth and wholeness.

As the outside world challenges us to rapidly up-level, we stand together every step of the way.

Join us as we find our pace forward together!


the details:

This 9-week virtual program is designed to fit into your daily changing life and schedule. All sessions are streamed and saved for you to join live or at times that work for you. The thread of community will permeate throughout with continuous support to access this moment-in-time for the deep potential it has.

how our time together is structured:

  • Weekly Saturday sessions (60-90-minutes) to move us through Mars Retrograde ~ includes discussion and guidance, a community practice and time for integration

  • In-depth astro download and workbook released each Tuesday with included inquiries and practices to guide you through the week

  • Full access to astro nidra, mythological hypnosis, ceremony and pre-recorded teachings relevant to the ongoing astrology.

  • Connection to a global community here in support of your journey and magnificent upleveling.


This journey is for you if you…

  • are willing to grow yourself beyond the person you are today.

  • crave a community of people doing work to embody strength and purpose.

  • are ready to face fear and step towards purpose

  • can commit to doing the work so that you can experience the freedom you desire.


Together we hold space for each other and we hold space for it all.

All levels are welcome
no experience or previous knowledge is necessary to receive the potency of this experience

Downloadable Astro Nidras

While the Sun is in Libra, the primary practices are the Libra Astro Nidras™. They can be practiced again and again through the Libra Sun Season.


The secondary practice follows the moon, which changes signs every two and a

half-ish days. Dig into your Astro Nidra™ archives and practice with the moon.


The Virgo Astro Nidras™ are:

2020 Dissolve Anxiety + Judgement |     2019 Restoring Balance       |    2018 Relationship Healing


Sunday   |   Monday   |    Tuesday    | Wednesday |   Thursday  |   Friday    |  Saturday





astrology. astro nidra™. new moon circles. inquiry. prayer. dream work. nutrition. reiki. yoga. work outs. meditation. journaling.

and so much more.

this is a safe place to gather online where your community of guides are here to connect you to your inner, intuitive voice to build spiritual depth, keep your mind healthy & strengthen your trust in your ability to navigate these wildly unknown times.

we look to the luminaries of our solar system as our guides & translate their wisdom into embodied practices. 

as we ramp up, you'll find an array of reasons to gather, learn, play, heal, create, connect & rise above these circumstances.

© 2020 Attune to the Moon™

Libra Astro NIdra 2020

2020 Libra Astro Nidra: Dissolve Anxiety + Judgement

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