What is a Reiki Healing Circle?

It is an opportunity to come together in the healing field of unconditional love

In the midst of this global transformation, many are experiencing stress, uncertainty, and feeling the weight of our circumstances

Many of us are wracking our hearts to figure out how to help. There is a time and a place for all of that. It is important to fill your reserves so that when you do serve, you offering comes from a full cup

Mark is taking a break from the Reiki Circles during Mercury Rx
There are two ways to participate in this Reiki Circle
** Whether you are receiving or offering you sign up the same way by following the links at the top of the page **

Receive Reiki

If you feel that you are in need of healing, rest, relief, or an energetic boost, let this be a healing sanctuary for you during this time. Please join our circle & attune yourself to RECEIVE Universal Life Force Energy as a group of heart-centric healers collectively tap into the quantum field for the benefit of all

All are welcome even if you have never heard of Reiki

Offer Reiki


Reiki Practitioners & Masters are welcome to offer Reiki to amplify the healing frequency of the circle

The circle will be led by our Master Guide: Mark Roemer. He will be responsible to open the circle, set the scene & at the appropriate time will call upon you to open your channel to bathe the group with Reiki Light. He will close the circle when we are complete

What to Expect

There is an option to join a group zoom call as the session begins

You'll sit or lie down in a quiet space with your eyes closed. If you join the zoom call, together, we'll do an exercise to align you with your breath, helping to calm the mind and body. If you don't join the call, center yourself on your own as we begin the session at 11:11 PST

Get comfortable & prepared to lie in place for about an hour  - have blankets & pillows ready


You'll say aloud "I'm open to receive".


That's all you have to do. For the next hour or so, you'll receive waves of healing energy transmitted through a method of distance Reiki


This method transcends space. It does not matter where you physically are - it will find you & flow to you. Remain open, focused on your breath & let the light work on you


Distance Reiki also has the ability to heal across time. If during the session you are prompted by your consciousness through memory of a past trauma, injury or interaction simply acknowledge the thought and then let it go - the Reiki will flow to that past moment in time and offer healing in that moment

You may feel a variety of sensations in your body such as pulsating in your extremities or organs, tingling, hot/cold sensations and undulation of energy rippling through. Or you may feel more subtle energies. You may fall asleep - don't worry, you haven't missed anything - you'll still receive the benefits. You may experience waves of emotions - let them wash over you like gentle waves of water. This is energy being cleared from your physical & auric bodies. Even if you do not feel anything at all, or are distracted by your thoughts you will receive the healing


This offering is designed to help us all deepen our connection to Universal Life Force Energy (Reiki), so we can tap into the flow of giving & receiving and create a united energy of healing for this planet & all its inhabitants

Our Virtual Reiki Circle is donation-based and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Those who can afford more, please do to cover those who are struggling


As a way to further give back we are also offering a money circle where a portion of the donations will go back to those in most need in the community

We are all connected in one energetic frequency. Even though we may be in separate homes when you join this collective energy you will feel held in the One Universal Light


Please share you experience underneath today’s post on instagram, in your stories or your feed and share this circle with those you love. Our vision is to facilitate the largest Reiki Circle in the world and anchor in an enormous amount of light to our collective global healing right now.


© 2020 Attune to the Moon™