I have a heart of service.

I am of Wolf totem, strong in my sense of pack, instinct & community.

I am here to help us remember how to connect with Spirit directly.

It isn't about a particular way or path, rather my heart guided ability to sense, see & serve.

What I know is forward movement is stagnated by our wounds, and to come home to ourselves requires ruthless compassion , which is radical honesty & softness mutually.


I invite you to heal through understanding the visions in your dream time,  learn to draw back the curtain and journey into the great mystery for guidance,  engage life's cycles & rhythms through personal ceremony, Soften through daily acts of devotion, prayer & song, walk through life awake to the signs & symbols gifted you in support of your purpose, harmonize with nature to live as an ally with all of creation. 

Wisdom teachings belong in the hands of the people as tools for living.
My offerings are here to support you by placing these tools in your hands.
May we keep healing together. Aho.

Meet Sasha Bahador

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