Meet Trish Dingman

Mysticism, movement, deep breaths, curiosity, belly laughs, nature and her passion for compassion; have shaped Trish into the yoga and self inquiry facilitator she is today. 
Trish’s love of personal inquiry began while training and working professionally as an actor in film and stage, since age 12. Trish was introduced to yoga in 1999, while attending the renowned theatre-acting conservatory, at Ryerson University. She fell in LOVE with yoga in 2006, when she used it as the stepping stone, for healing herself from addiction and depression.

Drawing from over 12 000 hours of teaching; 2000 hours of study and her creative background as a classically trained actor; Trish is shaping something new and different for participants of her programs. Trish's style weaves Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga, with story telling, personal inquiry and Yoga Nidra.

Trish is the creator of Yoga and Compassionate Self Inquiry, for Actors- a program she has facilitated as part the Brock University Theatre Curriculum; since 2013.

Trish lives in a magical forest, in a yurt - off the grid- with her partner Dave. Together they are learning to build and live a 100% self sustainable life.

She is the co-creator of HEAL EVOLVE THRIVE a yoga Teacher Training; based in self inquiry, hatha yoga and psychotherapy. 

Trish’s mission is pure love for self and all beings; through creativity, nature, self expression and understanding.

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